Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lets start with AWESOME

My friend TAXI GANG is just starting to give me a sneak peak into his parents art collection.

I am a GIANT Calder fan! The Atlanta High Museum is a proud owner of a Calder mobile.

DC is also the proud owner of a Calder sculpture (sculpture garden)

and an AMAZING Calder room at the National Gallery.

An amazing Calder mobile is hung in the Hart Senate Office Building. Owel took me to see it once.

Mountains and Clouds
On November 10 1976, Calder brought the Mountains and Clouds maquette—his 20-inch (510 mm) sheet-metal model—to Washington, D.C., to present it to the Architect of the Capitol and finalize the placement of the piece. After making minor adjustments to two of the clouds, he expressed satisfaction with the maquette as positioned in a model of the atrium. This proved to be a final visit: Calder died of a heart attack that night after he returned to New York City.

Before Calder did mobiles, he did CIRCUS things!
This TAXI GANG piece is so fun.

I love when things come together perfectly..."In 1926, Calder moved to Paris...later that fall, Calder began to create his Cirque Calder, a miniature circus fashioned from wire, string, rubber, cloth, and other found objects. Designed to fit into suitcases (it eventually grew to fill five), Calder could travel with his circus and hold performances on both sides of the Atlantic. He gave elaborately improvised shows, recreating the performance of a real circus. Soon, his "Cirque Calder" became popular with the Parisian avant-garde. Some months Calder would charge an entrance fee to pay his rent". -WIKI

super fun
two ideas

Laverie Vallee


And end with something AWESOME.
Introducing...MR. AWESOME!

Holds the highest score ever recorded on a Missile Command game.

A Super big thanks to everyone who came out the the DC51 ART PARTY friday night!

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Taxi Gang said...

Calder and I were both born on July 22!